A Jeffersonian In East Texas

January 10, 2008

Official Arrogance Smith County Commissioners

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Commissioners Keep Proving Our Point!
There is nothing quite as sad as being constantly proven right when you wish someone would prove you wrong. No matter how arrogant you want to make the Smith county commissioners court out to be, they will still give you more reasons to confirm it!
Commissioners Suspend Part Of Program’s Funding
Well Judge Kent, no good idea goes unpunished! Only unfunded! It will take a lot to convince someone who is already convinced that they and their cronies are the repository for all knowledge!



  1. I’m going off track here,but I just want to know why a lawyer would take your money and instead of fighting for your rights,tell you it will be a long time before you go to court,then will not use any of the witnesses that you have are no good.well I got 3 15 min. sessions with this laywer he had to go to the club an play moon you know,and convenenced me to plead guilty because he said go for a bench trial before judge Kent,on the day of trail they served my wife and he said that the judge didnt have an open mine and would throw the book at me.I had a good case if he would have gotten off his rear but I found out this lawyer is a loser,Everbody told me how good he was then I got to looking an everyone I know who he worked for is in prison he got mad at me because I wouldnt take prision over pirole he wouldnt even help me get a license.The morale of this story is if your lawyer goes to clubs and drinks with you dont use him he’s not a friend he’s there making you think he’s good.

    Comment by rustybuket — January 11, 2008 @ 8:40 pm | Reply

  2. Well, Rusty, or should I call you bucket? Anyway, this seems to be a fairly frequent complaint in Smith county. Attorneys from other counties and states, are pretty clear about what they think about this county. It is like the decisions are made on a golf course, and very little is actually decided in the court. A client goes to a lawyer, the lawyer works out the details with a DA, the Lawyer basiclly tells you what the DA wants, and tells you it is a good deal. The Judge says: “Whatever you guys decide is fine with me.” I will site and link to some articles I know of by lawyers from other parts of the state who confirm this scenario.

    Comment by ajeffersonian — January 12, 2008 @ 5:25 am | Reply

  3. […] Official Arrogance Smith County Commissioners […]

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