A Jeffersonian In East Texas

March 3, 2008

Local Stuff

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The political front in the Smith county area has been very silent lately with the exception of the Sheriffs race, and the county Commissioners seats up for grabs. We haven’t been able to get much information on the candidates. If someone out there has some information on the candidates that they are willing to share, we would be glad to include your two cents worth in the comments section.

If you are a candidate for one of these positions, we would love to have your comments as well! We will publish them uncut, as long as they fall within the WordPress guidelines.

Sometimes it seems like there is some type of veil, or barrier in the area when it comes to online communications. We would love to see that barrier torn down, and get more open communication for all different view points.

Local advertising is picking up a bit, with the websites, www.etexbiz.com and www.tyler.com, two totally opposite styles, maybe things are picking up! We will see.


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