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August 29, 2008

Jail Bond Comments

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We would be very interested in getting comments from those on the cutting edge of this important discussion. If you are in a leadership role, on either side, don’t be afraid to be transparent! The public wants that in it’s leaders, and avoiding it, causes distrust.

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Smith Jail Bond: Open Invitation For Comments Pro and Con


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  1. Please someone here my story I know we are not the only people this is happening to. My husband just got arrested on his way to work in the oil field. The Tyler judge put a warrant out for him. The charge? Revoked probation. He is current on child support, it automatically comes out of his check. We pay the $40 per month probation fee, also current. He calls every month to Tyler to let them know the 5 questions they ask when you’re on probation. So why is he revoked his probation? They say b/c he did not drive the 12 hour round trip every month to answer those questions. We use to drive down there and he was literally in there for 5 minutes. In 2008 our landscaping business started to buckle under the pressures of people cutting back and the cost of rising gas prices. So there was no way to come up with around $300 every month to drive to Tyler, an amount nobody benefits from us wasting. We called every month and explained our situation of either paying the cs or driving to Tyler. We chose to pay the support b/c after all it is supposed to be about the kids. There were months when we had to choose between our own house payment and the cs. We chose cs b/c they hang jail over his head like he’s a criminal.. We have been together since he was 20, he is now 34 and we have 3 boys too. We went without a water heater for 7 months but we paid the cs and the probation fee. What did we get for it? My husband of 14 years is sitting in jail b/c we did not rob a bank for him to drive back in forth to Tyler! He has now lost the job that was catching us up and we were scheduled to be in Tyler January 16th and told is probation officer we were catching up and he would be there!!! They put a warrant out in Dec. and did not inform him. He could have turned himself in on his off week and kept his job. But no. A man who’s only crime was not being rich enough for their demands and be stupidly promiscuous at 16 and it has cost him his freedom, my kids their father, and the kids on cs their monthly payment, b/c we did not drive to Tyler. He has changed his whole life around but yet here he is in jail and away from his family who needs him. Everybody was getting their money but nope, wasn’t good enough for Tyler. Now no one will get anything and we will probably loose everything. He is in jail he now has no job. They won’t let him bond out and now when he does get out he won’t have a job to pay next months cs and he will go back to jail! You think this system is for the children no way. Everything I have said is true and his probation officer can back it up. My life, my kid’s life, and my husband’s life were just stolen from us out of the blue, and there is not one thing we can do about it. That’s not JUSTICE! All the kids loose and he is locked up like a criminal, oh I’m sorry criminals get out on bond.. He won’t.

    Comment by Stacy — January 10, 2009 @ 2:02 am | Reply

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